Animals drawing

Animals drawing
data sheet

year 1917
44 x 59 cm

In the centre of this composition it is observed a rural scene where a mother and her son are feeding a small calf from a wicker basket in presence of a cow. The technique is graphite on paper and its ochre colour is used as a base to enhance the light parts with white pencil.

The artist drew a grid surrounding this scene with 23 animals whose name are written on the upper part in capital letters: a white tailed kite, a buffalo, a deer, a bear, an owl, a bird of paradise, a leopard, a dromedary, a lion, a cock and a hen, an eagle, a peacock, a cockatoo, a superb lyrebird, an ostrich, a wild boar, a fallow deer, a tiger, a bull, a cat, a dog, a duck, and a bat.

This is an early autodidact work copied from a decorative sheet, or sheets, of paper which served as a study of the animal species.

On the lower side there are an inscription saying “Tomelloso 18 th March 1917. 20 th century” and a more decorative signature of the artist saying “Antonio López”.

Donated by his sisters Carmen and Eulalia López Torres.

  • 2002, «Antonio López Torres retrospective exhibition»
  • Tour: art centre Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid; Victorio Macho Museum, Toledo; art centre Centro Cultural Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete; Museum House Zavala, Cuenca; Antonio López Torres Museum, Tomelloso.