Sleeping child

Sleeping child
data sheet

year 1970
33 x 33 cm

Graphite on paper drawing where, in a subtle way, López Torres portrays the little son of the architect and director of the art and architecture magazine Nueva Fórmula, Juan Daniel Fullaondo.

The child centres this composition drawn from a zenithal perspective. He is lying on his left side and only his head and right hand are visible while he is sleeping covered by white sheets.

The way the artist uses and blurs the graphite lines resulted in a close and innocent scene which became one of his master portraits.

The signature appears on the lower left side and says “A. López Torres. 1970”.

Donated by Antonio López Torres in a public deed, 27.10.78.

  • 1994, Exhibition «López Torres tribute», Arteta Gallery, Madrid.
  • 2002, «Antonio López Torres retrospective exhibition»
  • Tour: art centre Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid; Victorio Macho Museum, Toledo; art centre Centro Cultural Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete; Museum House Zavala, Cuenca; Antonio López Torres Museum, Tomelloso.