Boy drinking water from a bucket

Boy drinking water from a bucket
data sheet

year 1946
30,5 x 29,5 cm

Oil on panel painting where the artist describes a scene of a boy drinking water near a well. The boy is wearing a white shirt and brown trousers and is resting on a stone sink while he is drinking water from a bucket with his back to the spectator.

The dense brushstrokes create different volumes representing objects under a midday light, as deduced from the short shadows, but the illumination is not harsh. Even the shadow parts are illuminated by an adjacent light, resulting in a painting of great colour subtlety and brightness.

It is signed on the lower right corner as “A. López Torres, 1946”.

Donated by Antonio López Torres in a public deed, 14.10.83.

  • 1947, Solo exhibition in Ciudad Real New Casino
  • 1957, Collective exhibition «La Mancha artists today», Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art (MEAC), Madrid
  • 1984, Colective exhibition «Castilla-La Mancha culture and roots», Velázquez Palace in El Retiro Park, Madrid
  • 1995, «Antonio López Torres, paintings and drawings», Centre of Modern Art Ciudad de Oviedo (CAMCO)
  • 1998, «Antonio López Torres», Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Palace, La Coruña.