Urban panoramic view of Tomelloso

Urban panoramic view of Tomelloso
data sheet

year 1984
46 x 46 cm

Square painting where the artist represents a view of Tomelloso from the window of his house. It can be observed how the different directions and colours of houses and roofs create this dynamic composition. The white and grey tones of the walls are combined with the reddish roofs in this unusual composition of the painter’s artistic career.

In 1985 the painter suffered a cerebral thrombosis and remained practically immobile, so he could not finish it, as shows the outlines of its lower right part.

It is his last painting and the only painting where the houses of Tomelloso are also the only elements of the composition.

The work is signed on the lower left part as “A. López Torres”.

Donated by his sisters Eulalia and Carmen López Torres in a public deed.