Vineyard in autumn

Vineyard in autumn
data sheet

year 1957
33,5 x 38,5 cm

Small panel where the artist represents a vineyard in autumn. The yellow tones of the vines contrast with the red tones of the ground creating a composition slightly geometrical. The vines in the foreground vanish to the horizon where another vineyard is interpreted by using a horizontal band of colour and dividing the work in two parts. In the upper part, a range of blues is used and shapes are blurred creating a great atmosphere and colour painting.

It is signed on the lower right corner as “A. López Torres, 1957”.

Donated by Antonio López Torres in a public deed, 27.10.78.

  • 1959, «Retrospective exhibition Antonio López Torres», Goya Exhibition Hall of Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid
  • 1994, Exhibition «López Torres tribute», Arteta Gallery, Madrid
  • 1995, «Antonio López Torres, paintings and drawings», Centre of Modern Art Ciudad de Oviedo (CAMCO)
  • 1998, «Antonio López Torres», Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Palace, La Coruña
  • Tour: art centre Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid; Victorio Macho Museum, Toledo; art centre Centro Cultural Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete; Museum House Zavala, Cuenca; Antonio López Torres Museum, Tomelloso.