Female nude

Female nude
data sheet

year 1967
99,5 x 70 cm

Big format work of a female nude drawn with charcoal on paper. It reminds his academic training drawings of classical sculptures, so these same characteristics are used again: centred, hieratic and frontal position on a neutral background; but now the model is a real person.

She is sat on a light colour cloth with her right leg slightly forwards and her left hand on her right thigh; she is starring at the left and her expression is calm and soft. The artist interpreted all these features using a subtle range of greys to form the volumes of the female anatomy. The lighting is not hard and there are some light points creating shadows in different directions.

This work was an exercise for a public examination, so the technique was adapted to certain requirements.

On the upper left side there is an inscription saying “Ana Pallarés”, secretary of the examining board and López Torres’ classmate. The big signature of the artist is on the upper right side and says “A. López Torres”.

Donated by Antonio López García, 24.4.86.