Venus of Arles

Venus of Arles
data sheet

year 1925
63,5 x 48 cm

Charcoal on paper drawing where the Venus of Arles is represented in the centre of the composition facing the spectator. The artist’s skills with the chiaroscuro are observed in the most detailed parts, such as torso and head, and it is also interesting the precise lace lines used at the end of clothes and hands to mark just the outline of the figure.

The sculpture represented is a copy from the original found in 1651 in the Roman theatre of Arles (France). This is a training work drawn during his first year in the School of Arts and Crafts of Ciudad Real to study the chiaroscuro and the human proportions.

It is observed an erased signature on the left side and a legible one on the right side saying “Antonio López Torres”.

Donated by Antonio López García, 24.4.86 .

  • 2002, «Antonio López Torres retrospective exhibition»
  • Tour: art centre Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid; Victorio Macho Museum, Toledo; art centre Centro Cultural Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete; Museum House Zavala, Cuenca; Antonio López Torres Museum, Tomelloso.