Landscape with harvest

Landscape with harvest
data sheet

year 1918
26 x 17,5 cm

Early painting and the oldest work featured in the museum together with Shepherd boy and goats. At the beginning both panels were just one artwork but it was broken later.

The scene represents an arid field of La Mancha full of ochre and earth colours and a house on the left side. In the background, these ochre tones lead to a colder range of greens and blues evoking distance.

This work, together with Landscape with harvest, The cave of 1923 and Grandmother Alejandra knitting, among others, was selected by Ángel Andrade to be featured at the Fine Arts exhibition held in Tomelloso in 1924.

This part of the artwork is not signed.

Donated by Antonio López Torres in a public deed, 27.10.78.

  • 1924, Fine Arts exhibition, Tomelloso
  • 1994, Exhibition «López Torres tribute», Arteta Gallery, Madrid
  • 1995, «Antonio López Torres, paintings and drawings», Centre of Modern Art Ciudad de Oviedo (CAMCO)
  • 1998, «Antonio López Torres», Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Palace, La Coruña
  • 2002, «Antonio López Torres retrospective exhibition»
  • Tour: art centre Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid; Victorio Macho Museum, Toledo; art centre Centro Cultural Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete; Museum House Zavala, Cuenca; Antonio López Torres Museum, Tomelloso.