Spring landscape with poppies

Spring landscape with poppies
data sheet

year 1979-80
24,5 x 35,5 cm

Artwork where the painter represents a bright and colourful landscape of La Mancha in spring. The foreground is described with loose brushstrokes and a great range of green tones where poppies are depicted by small red and saturated brushstrokes. Further, the landscape is translated into
subtle and narrow colour bands in perfect harmony where some elements, such as a vineyard and a house on the left and more houses in the background, are distinguished under a clean and blue sky.

In this work the artist creates again a picture rich in colour and with few elements to reach a great sense of space and distance.

On the lower right corner the painter’s initials “ALT” are the signature of the painting.

Donated by his sisters Eulalia and Carmen López Torres in a public deed, 28.4.93.

  • 1998, «Antonio López Torres», Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Palace, La Coruña.